Gravy In The Pie is a humorous satire on fundamentalism as a pair of gay kissing cousins in Texas rescue their transgender nephew from the hillbillies of Arkansas. Also available now in paperback at Amazon, where you can read rave reviews.

How Christianity Sustains A Gay Man  is my nonfiction e-book that relates personal

struggles with acceptance, drugs, spirituality and activism. It reveals how my Christian Faith prevails over the guilt-ridden Southern Baptist religion. I wrote it to share love, so please do so. 

One feature from the book is this song "from the trenches" during a 1995 performance of my band at an AIDS event in Texas.


In October 2016, the book was nominated for Best Ebook Cover in the Global Ebook Awards.

In August 2016, the book entered the 2017 Independent Publisher Book Awards (the "IPPYs") in categories  Best Adult Non-Fiction Personal E-Book and Best Regional E-Book Non-Fiction!


See reviews below.

In August 2016 I was the honored guest of Author and Editor Mark McNease on his Live Mic Podcast. Listen at either of my profile links.

From Judith: I've read this insightful and thought provoking book and it has helped me to understand what gays went through in the past, less enlightened time (and continue to go through). Thankfully "the times they are a changing'" and I hope they continue to do so for all those boys and girls, men and women who are challenged with a society that is sometimes un-Christian. To me Christianity is about love and acceptance. We are all in this world together and loving one another can take time and energy, but we should resolve to do so. Great Job!

From A. Anderson:  A reviewers important task is presenting an understanding or interpretation in a clear and concise statement of the books uniqueness. This book is unique because it is an author's life story of a growth of a life with little structure and purpose to a life with purpose. I recommend the book as a thoughtful education of how life may become a purposeful life. The book is easy to understand in a well-written format.

From L.P.  A beautifully written story of perseverance and faith. I recommend it for anyone questioning acceptance or struggling with religious guilt issues, including parents of LGBT children. A FIVE STAR rating from this reader!


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                                        The Witness Chronicles

The novel is based on a recently discovered journal about the gay scene of 1980's Texas when the legal drinking age was 19, dance clubs were packed and sex was carefree. It details events  through the eyes of a 23-year-old:  his career, boyfriends, and the  effects of fundamentalist views that influenced life and death during the early days of AIDS.          (See rave reviews at Amazon!) 

Here's a thought:  You don't have to believe in Santa Claus to believe in Christmas!





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